MELBOURNE, MCEC Feb 28 – Mar 2, 2018

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Wednesday, Feb 28

Join us at the first session of the event to hear industry experts as they provide an industry insight into the current state of play in the Australasian retail market and abroad.


  • Megatrends
  • Disruptors
  • Changing consumer behaviours
  • Macro/micro influences
  • The evolution of retail

    Innovation has emerged as a central theme of good retail practice as macroeconomic conditions, the competitive landscape and customer expectations have changed in recent years.

    Capital expenditure among large retail companies is spiking to meet these requirements, with retail leaders trying very hard to find new ways to sell to customers that haven’t been done before.


    • How can we reinvent retail in an age of digital disruption?
    • How can leaders successfully build a culture of innovation that sees results?
    • How can retailers maximise relationships to maximise profits. Three key lessons from a US retailer.
    • Suitable for all departments.

      Many established retailers are adopting new strategies to cater to evolving customer needs, primarily focusing on omnichannel retail, resulting in a different business model that doesn’t place a preference on any single shopping channel.


      • Wholesale marketplaces - friend or foe?
      • Scaling up - How to avoid awkward channel conflicts
      • Business models disrupting retail on the global stage.
      • Suitable for c-suite and senior management.

        Retailers are investing heavily in faster, more transparent cheaper delivery options for customers.

        Increasing online penetration is driving interest from retailers in ensuring that they are able to compete for customers who are expecting more from the digital experience.

        Many retailers are trailing in-store fulfilment to lower barriers to entry. Others have invested heavily in click-and-collect, which is comparatively cheaper to facilitate in many cases.


        • Same day delivery - what's next? How customer demand is reshaping delivery.
        • Why supply chain may be retail's biggest game changer.
        • Suitable for all departments.

          Thursday, March 1

          Customer expectations are increasing as time goes on, but are also evolving, which is forcing retailers and industry stakeholders to adapt quickly.

          Online shopping, contactless payments and digitally integrated experiences have emerged as important competitive imperatives for many large brands, eliciting heavy investment into technologies that are able to provide what’s become known as the “modern retail experience”.

          Consumers are also being hampered by low wage growth and increasing cost pressures, which has subdued discretionary spend growth, putting pressure on margins and forcing retailers to work harder for consumer dollars.


          • Consumers - the other side of retail
          • Reinventing retail convenience: Caltex
          • The future shopping centre experience – what you need to know.
          • Suitable for all departments.

            Retailers have been placing much more emphasis on digital marketing over the last several years as customers migrate to social media platforms.

            Platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter have emerged as important organic marketing tools, while digital videos and brand campaigns that leverage influencers are now commonplace in the industry.

            As marketing has adopted a more organic focus branding has also become more important, with even mundane customer service errors now having the potential to go viral on the internet, becoming public relations challenges.


            • The what, why, and how of experience
            • Building cultural capital
            • Converting followers to dollars
            • Pricing science and discounting.
            • Suitable for marketing, sales, management.

              With enterprise bargaining agreements within the retail industry at an all-time low and employment within the industry more broadly decreasing rapidly, the retail workforce has become challenged.

              A Fair Work Commission decision from May to reduce Sunday Penalty rates has further contributed to tensions in the industry, with renewed union presence creating a new environment within which large employers have had to adapt.

              This has coincided with an increasing need to have engaged and knowledgeable sales staff within retail stores, as customer expectations around service continue to increase.


              • What is a customer-centred culture and how do you actually make it happen?
              • Gender diversity – It’s more than hiring 'enough' women.
              • Suitable for HR, C-suite, management.

                Good leadership needs to be learned and can be practiced. Without it, many organisations crumble. So how do you develop, as well as stay focused as a leader?


                • Emotional intelligence and leadership qualities
                • Design thinking
                • The importance of failure
                • Using cognitive science in your management

                  Friday, March 2

                  The purpose driven brand – why does it matter more now than ever before? Here we discuss balancing purpose and profit, as well as ways retailers can harness business potential as a force for good.


                  • Social giving and sustainability – how to create profits and good
                  • How to create a meaningful brand

                    Demand for Australian consumer goods in China is very high, a fact that has become a lucrative opportunity for companies like Chemist Warehouse, who have been very successful selling into China with local partner Alibaba.

                    Now other companies, including Priceline, are planning for expansion into what has become the world’s largest consumer market with a rapidly growing middle class.


                    • This session will look at three different approaches of companies selling through China's online market.
                    • Suitable for all departments

                      Hosted by entrepreneur, investor and Shark Tank judge Steve Baxter, this year’s Pitchfest will showcase the latest in retail disruption. Help support the up-and-comers in the retail space, and have your say on the winning pitch for IRL2018.

                      This will be followed by a presentation on the technologies of tomorrow, most of which are already live today. Suitable for all departments

                      Retailers are busy preparing for the impending arrival of Amazon into Australia, a development that many analysts say will shape the future of Australian retail.

                      A consensus has emerged that unique products, solid pricing strategies, instore experience and developed digital capabilities will be important features of retail in the future.

                      Over the next twelve months consumer confidence is also expected to be subdued while competition is set to increase, creating what some have called a ‘perfect storm’ that may see more retailers go out of business.


                      • The retail / supplier relationship and how technology is changing the way business transactions are done and money flows.
                      • The next generation, who, what, where, why.
                      • Future of payments.
                      • Suitable for all departments


                        An unconventional mix of leaders, rebels and changemakers
                        Full Lineup

                        Charlie Cole

                        Chief Digital Officer, Tumi & Global Chief eCommerce Officer, Samsonite

                        Chau Banks

                        Executive VP, CIO & Channel Integration, New York & Company, Inc.

                        Phillip Scala

                        Group General Manager, Fusion Retail Brands

                        Sterling Hawkins

                        Operations & Venture Relations, CART

                        Bruce Harryman

                        Senior Manager National Distribution Network Planning, John Lewis

                        Gretta Van Riel

                        Founder & CEO, Hey Influencers

                        Adam Ferrier

                        Founder and Consumer Psychologist, THINKERBELL

                        Steve Dennis

                        President & Founder, SageBerry Consulting

                        Julie Mathers

                        CEO & Founder, Flora & Fauna

                        Nati Harpaz

                        CEO, Catch Group

                        Karen Bozic

                        GM - Retail, Caltex

                        Phill Nosworthy

                        Founder, Switch Learning + Development

                        Extremely well organised event, great integration of interactive media. Fantastic mix of presenters for traditional retailers and just the right amount of aspirational content.

                        Inside Retail Live was a great way to share ideas and meet exhibitors, this was topped off with a great night as one of the Top 50 People in eCommerce!

                        The 3 day Inside Retail event was very informative and a great way to network with fellow QSR retailers. The panellists were interesting and insightful focusing on the future of the retail world.

                        The sessions, the panels, the speakers, the expo, were all top notch, and I am looking forward to 2018.

                        It proved to be an outstanding format for retailers to meet and network, discuss issues of mutual interest and learn from industry leaders.

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