MELBOURNE, MCEC Feb 28 – Mar 2, 2018

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The Inside Retail Live event was a total success for us! Doing in these types of events is always a bit hit and miss, however we found this event to be the best we have attended over the last 12 years of exhibiting. Like most exhibitors, the goal is to talk with key contacts and have meaningful valuable two way conversation. The pre booking application that was provided by Inside Retail, allowed us to pre book over 10 meetings with key stakeholders of high level retail targets, I have not had this before. End game we have meetings booked with 90% of the meetings at the event and I am sure these will return well for us! Will we attend next year…absolutely.

Inside Retail Live this year was very educational and I have taken away a couple of great points that I will implement in my approach to business this year.

The Inside Retail conference was a first for GapMaps. We met a lot of great people from a wide range of retail backgrounds and many of them are now potential clients. Our staff really enjoyed the three days as well. The conference organisers were fantastic and we felt well supported. We’ll be coming back next year!

For Corporate Rejuvenation it was a great experience meeting business leaders and people in the position to make decisions which was the main reason we decided to be a vendor at this expo. We made some great connections and leads and have picked up work from it already.

The staff for inside retail were fantastic. They looked after us each step of the way and were happy to answer any and all questions. This made our first ever sponsor and exhibitor experience extremely positive!

We found the event extremely useful as a networking opportunity. We managed to speak directly with senior contacts within prospect companies who we would normally struggle to access.

This was a great way to develop new customer leads and connect with existing clients. Overall if you are in Retail you need to be here!

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