Allen Nance

Position: CMO, Emarsys

You should know a few things before reading further. I am an entrepreneur first, and an investor second. I surf, I box, I blog, I am a technology fanatic. I don’t have a filter on my mouth, and I am not working on it. I have had opportunities that don’t matter, such as being mentioned the prerequisite amount of times in the paper, or listed in the most this, or the youngest that. I have also had opportunities that do matter, like having amazing mentors and working with crazy smart team members. I am the first person in my family to attend college, so I am especially proud of my education.

My business cards have read: Founder, CEO, Chairman, CMO, Investor, Advisor, Board Member, and Partner.

From a rented house in 2000 he founded a company that became one of the world’s largest email marketing firms leading it to three Inc. 500 awards representing the fastest growing private companies in the United States before its acquisition. Today, he serves as global CMO for Emarsys. He is a graduate of Georgia Institute of Technology and a member of Young President’s Organization (YPO).

Topic: Human driven personalisation doesn’t scale

  • Learn why we have moved beyond the human capacity to scale personalisation
  • Learn an overview of data science, machine learning, and AI
  • Explore the transformation affects it will have on the marketer’s role
  • See live examples of machines scaling personalisation
  • Learn why human makes machines better, not the other way around