Arani Satgunaseelan

Position: Co-Founder & Director of Operations, Vollardian

Arani is a management consultant interested in helping dedicated businesses commercialise and execute on great ideas.

She prides herself on our problem-solving approach and analytics capability. No question is off limits.
Starting in investment banking at Macquarie, Arani went on to work in investor relations then in strategy and operations at eBay Australia, leading the Growth and Operations team for eBay sellers. At eBay, Arani focused on building successful sales teams with efficient processes, reporting and training. Her solutions and models have been adopted globally by eBay.

Now she co-founded Vollardian – an end-to-end management consulting firm with a focus on strategy and activation. Strategy shouldn’t just end with a pretty PowerPoint – it needs to be backed up by implementation. Vollardian deliver solutions to strategic business problems and combine digital and in-person sales to drive growth.