Bernie Brookes

Position: Former CEO, Edcon and Myer

He is a Managing Director/CEO with expertise and substantial experience in Retail and wholesale Operations, Buying, Information Technology Systems, Supply Chain and Human Resource management in a fast moving and dynamic environment. An experienced board member and chairman of large and difficult companies in private Equity, International corporates and small start ups.

Bernie’s experience includes leading a multi-divisional organisation during significant periods of change and re-engineering. Having worked in three states across all major divisions, he has an excellent grasp of a variety of areas of senior management. He has significant international experience strengths include expertise in business management displaying energetic and self confidence with the ability to find solutions to complex situations, through analytical, conceptual and entrepreneurial skills. Ultimately, he is motivated by results. With 40 years of experience he brings substantial skills in managing change, organising people and leading teams with a passion for entrepreneurial-ship and empowerment.

Topic: The changing face of retail

  • The Global retail influences
  • Best practice retail from worldwide
  • How do Australian Retailers compete?
  • How do leaders lead in the ever changing retail world?