Jenny Brockis

Position: Founder/Doctor, Dr Jenny Brockis

Dr. Jenny Brockis is the Brain Fitness Doctor. She specialises in brain health and the science of high performance thinking. Fascinated by all things “brain” she works with those who seek to thrive in our increasingly complex world, translating the complexities of the neuroscience into easily understood strategies that can be readily integrated into our busy lives.

A medical practitioner with a strong grounding in health and human behaviour, her mission is to become the Jamie Oliver of brain fitness, empowering others to create, operate and integrate with their own high performance brain.

Dr. Jenny is an international speaker and author of three books including the bestselling Future Brain. She has featured in the media on both local and national TV and radio and is a regular contributor to a number of magazines in print and online.

When not speaking, researching or writing she loves to spend time with her family, travelling the world and challenging her long standing fear of heights.


Topic : More resilient, adaptive and happier to boot:  Getting the best out of your employees without burning them out

·      Why job satisfaction surveys are asking the wrong question

·      Why workplace wellness is the key to business success

·      The Three P’s needed for consistent High-Performance

·      Creating the workplace culture of the future that thinks, sells and delivers