Retail Theatre

The Retail Theatre features short, highly tailored and specific sessions for audiences of up to 80 people. These sessions run for 20 minutes and take place each day during the morning tea, lunch and afternoon breaks. They do not coincide with the main stage, and you can attend as many sessions as you like.

Attending is at no extra cost however you must be registered to attend Inside Retail LIVE for the particular day to attend your session(s) of interest.

See the full schedule of Retail Theatre sessions below - *times are subject to change:

  • Seek, Indeed, Google and how they are changing the way you will recruit
  • The aggregation and selling of candidate data
  • The move from “Post and Pray Job advertising” to “Search”

Presented by Peter Davis - Managing Director, Frontline Recruitment Group

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Hosted by Frontline Retail

Remarkable does not happen by accident. Learn the uncommon traits of Remarkable Retailers.

Presented by Michael Ford - CEO, Steinhoff Asia Pacific, Former CEO of The Good Guys, and 2015 Retail CEO of the Year & Rob Willey - Managing Partner, The ROIG Group

Michael Ford x The ROIG Group

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Hosted by The ROIG Group

Every year retailers spend billions training employees. On average, a retail employee spends 53.8 hours every year training. So why do 71% of shoppers feel that retail employees aren't knowledgeable or helpful? Something doesn't add up.

Christine Tutssel, co-founder of Axonify will unpack how leading retailers like Bloomingdales are building teams that deliver great in store experiences, grow sales and thrive in a modern retail environment.

Stop by to educate yourself and stay ahead of the curve.

Presented by Christine Tutssel - Co-Founder, Axonify

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Hosted by Axonify | Capability Group

Customer journeys have expanded to much more than when a customer enters and leaves your retail store but includes online, mobile and now voice command devices from the buyers home 24/7. It is now not enough to just have an omnichannel strategy but to engage with your customer along the entire journey to compete with companies like Amazon and Alibaba. Diebold Nixdorf recently launched its Storevolution, a Connected Commerce Experience embracing the API economy. This presentation will discuss the future of retail journeys, to extend beyond the omnichannel offerings to make the “Store for One” a connected commerce approach that is completely centered on the consumer – a reality. A fundamental shift from a channel-centric to a consumer-centric approach will transform the entire retail landscape.

Presented by Andrew Phay - Vice President, Retail, Diebold Nixdorf

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Hosted by Diebold Nixdorf

Generation Alpha is born with technology flawlessly integrated into their lives. For retailers to survive the digital transformation, they need to relevantly harness technology for a seamless and tailored customer experience. Generate more revenue per square metre by customising the entire experience for your customers.

Presented by Dion Appel - Head of Revenue, Openpay

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Hosted by Openpay

This presentation will focus on how merchants can build an effective fraud filter for their sales funnel – one that is not over-restrictive, leads to genuine sales being accepted, and prevents genuine fraud. Get the balance right and merchants stand to improve their checkout conversion rates and boost their bottom line.

Presented by Jackie Barwell - Director, Fraud Product Management, ACI Worldwide

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Hosted by ACI Worldwide

  • Do Aus retail fashion companies want longevity in the Australian Market?
  • Do they want to be relevant + here in 5 years?
  • Do they know they're losing customers? So what are you doing about it?

International Retail Fashion Giants are investing heavily in fashion sustainability for the past three - five years. Australian retailers should be anxious because international brands have a distinctive lead over the local consumer market. If the big European guys have the upper hand and the extra street cred with consumers, then local companies may find themselves behind the eight-ball in making change - and quickly.

Presented by Camille Reed - Designer + Consultant, BY MILI

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Hosted by BY MILI

An indepth conversation on how technology is transforming the retail industry, the so-called "fourth retail revolution", and how retailers should respond to the changes.

Presented by Chen Zhang - Chief Technology Officer, & Angus Grigg - Journalist, AFR

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