3 Days, Feb 28 - Mar 2, 2018 (MCEC)



Inside Retail Live’s Festival of Retail Ideas took place for the first time ever in March 2017. During three exciting days, exhibitors, speakers and visitors came together to celebrate Australian retail and network in a relaxed, festival atmosphere. Our national and international speakers shared revealing insights into retail trade and the diverse festival space held something for anyone interested in innovative ideas. Next year’s Festival of Retail Ideas is sure to host even more exciting opportunities for retail traders, so make sure you express your interest today and keep an eye out for updates.

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2017 Featured Days

Day One
The Customer
The Customer

First Half
09:00 - 12:30

The Customer Landscape

A good customer experience means you need to understand the customer better than they know themselves, en masse. How do you go beyond exceeding expectations?

Russel Howcroft’s presentation The Time for Tactics is Over will change current customer strategies and take the audience on a journey of discovery.

  • Key consumer demographics and trends
  • The future customer - motivations, desires, wants and needs
  • Customer experience beyond smiles per square meter
  • Customer acquisition: challenges and opportunities
  • How do you best serve today’s ever-changing consumer?
  • How do you deliver the best possible customer experience?

Second Half
13:00 - 17:00

The Honeymoon Period | Keep the spark alive

Attracting new customers is only one step of the journey. It’s time to engage, convert and keep customers loyal - all whilst juggling the the most chaotic retail environment in human history.

What do you do to keep the spark alive, and keep customers loyal… or is loyalty dead?
Jon Bird shares what leading brands are doing to build bonds.

  • How to drive customer engagement
  • Event retailing, pop-ups and new forms of engagement
  • The modern store community
  • The personalisation revolution
  • Understanding the whole customer experience from online, omnichannel and store viewpoints
  • Loyalty is dead (no it’s not!) - a yin and yang of divergent views
  • How to create memorable brand experiences using 'surprise and delight'
  • Adapting to the new age of connected customers
Day Two
Retail Leadership, Management & Expansion
Retail Leadership, Management & Expansion

First Half
09:00 - 12.30

Retail Management 3.0

Dynamic, agile businesses are shaking up the retail industry and driving change. Retailers need to adapt new models for innovative retail. With the offshore and automation revolution continuing, how are you managing expectation and future proofing your staff? Understand the next generation and learn how to drive sales with real time analytics.

Hear from Michael Norton, a Harvard Business School professor on how retailers can gain the trust of key stakeholders to increase both buying and buy-in.

  • The current retail management landscape
  • Leadership revolution
  • Utilising the millennial workforce
  • The world’s best retail workplaces: how and why they tick
  • Panel on staffing, marketplaces and management
  • What it takes to be a great retail CEO.
  • When is the right time to consider expansion?/li>

Second Half
13:00 - 17:00

Managing Crisis | The Next Retail Frontier

Your main competitor has just collapsed, a seemingly steadfast operation, are you next? How will you adapt to industry crisis? Learn about what helps make your retail business a great place to work, and the many advantages large organisations enjoy when building great workplaces.

Steve Maraboli will explain how to maximise your growth and influence potential through understanding cognition, psychology and human behaviour.

  • Giants have fallen. What can we learn from their demise?
  • How do you manage crisis to create opportunity.
  • Saving an organisation from the brink- how to turn things around.
  • The ‘freakonomics’ of retail
  • Expansion, growth and the new retail frontier
  • How to manage a crisis… are you prepared.
  • Managing the challenges of an ever-changing workforce.
Day Three
Retail 2027
Retail 2027

First Half
09:00 -12:30

Disruption and future Scenarios

We cannot use the enormous change of the past 10 years as a precedent for the next decade. We must think far more imaginatively. In a rapidly changing world, the need to explore and experiment to create new ways for customers to shop is vital. How well are you prepared?

Global futurist and innovation strategist Anders Sörman-Nilsson will present ways to help leaders decode trends, decipher what is next and turn provocative questions intro provocative strategies.

The amount of change over the last 10 years has been unrivalled. Yet, we cannot use the last 10 years as a precedent for the next 10. We must continue to think far more imaginatively, to continue to innovate and keep up with the latest technologies. How well are you prepared?

  • Future setting, envisioning the future of retail
  • Disruption - upcoming business that are changing the game
  • Pitch Fest - You vote on the newest upcoming retail ideas
  • How are companies currently dealing with the future
  • How to steer a legacy company into the future
  • How to prepare for next generation retail.

Second Half
15.30 - 16:00

The Future is Here

Virtual reality hit the mainstream last year, the technology enabling brands to tell new interspatial, interactive stories in virtual stores.

David Fracis from augmented-reality app Zappar will share AR+VR: 100 Million Reasons Why They Matter to Retail.

  • Practical steps to take for your retail business
  • The Future of products and services
  • The Tech Circus Extravaganza
  • Connecting with consumers 2027